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"Thrive" Pendants

Laura Lotus Love

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Symbolizing growth, resilience, abundance & strength!

A thick hand cut triangle with smooth corners and a hand cut delicate fern that shares the space with a 4mm green aventurine stone!

Green aventurine is the stone of growth! A powerful crystal for renewal! It is a potent aid in nurturing, promoting creation, rebirth and endurance!

Metals: Sterling Silver Pendant,

34” Stainless Steel 1.2 Chain (can do different length if required) 

PENDANT 1: Small

Triangle Length: 1cm(all sides)
Fern Length: 2.5cm

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PENDANT 2: Large

Triangle Length: 2,75 cm (top), 3.25 cm (Sides)
Fern Length: 3.5 cm

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Will come packaged in a jewelry bag with a sterling silver polishing cloth. 

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