Everything is TAX FREE!

Life Coaching


Take charge of your life, grow confidence, breakdown barriers and step into what you have always wanted for yourself! 

We can carry unnecessary blocks that create a “stuck” feeling. Asking ourselves “What’s going on with my life?” or “What do I do next?” "How can I feel purpose?" 

Are you ready to live the life you are meant to live; with purpose, inspiration and empowerment?

A Coach will help you when you need; a gentle and loving nudge to get you started, are tired of struggling and going through the vicious habitual cycle and want to truly feel happy on the inside about what you are doing on the outside!


*How to apply yogic wisdom to modern life.
*Learn mindfulness meditation techniques to help you tap into inner listening
*Learn mantras and mudras (hand positions) and/or learn about affirmations to set positive, above the line habits
*Use pranayama (breathwork) to slow things down and create space to embrace the true you
*Gain knowledge of the chakras for energy clearing 
*Homework, art projects, Journaling, etc..
*Use asana (poses) to help shift emotions, improve core stability, and ground inner peace and strength
*Learn more about personal energetic boundaries, toxic energy, and steps to regain power of your own use of energy while creating necessary boundaries with others
* Potential empathic work
and more!

Coaching Steps;

  • You will start off with a 30 minute Intro session so I can get to get to know a bit more about you 
  • Continuous sessions; as needed, (30 or 60mins) where we find out where you where you are, in that exact moment and working through any challenges you may be facing. Continuing towards being ‘unstuck’ with goal setting, journaling, and homework, etc...
  • Email/Text support between sessions
  • When you feel ready to fly your wings... wrapping up with a 60 minute session where we review the process and develop your personal blueprint to keep you moving forward

    Contact me for more details & pricing!


    "I was given a custom mala bracelet as a gift from Laura Lotus Love and I had no idea that the phone call was going to change my life. We talked for over an hour and clicked immediately. I found myself emotional because for the first time in my life I had an explanation for so many things I had felt throughout my life. At that moment I wanted more, which is where life coaching came in. We have been working together for over a year now and it has changed my life in all aspects, work, life, relationships, friendships, I could go on. I didn't realize I could be this happy. Now for the cherry on top, who Laura is as a person. She is the most beautiful soul, she is compassionate, thoughtful, considerate, kind and such a bright light. She exudes such a positive vibration, that makes you feel so comfortable to be your truest self and be vulnerable because that space she is holding for you is non-judgmental. I truly love Laura and am so grateful for what she has provided me, it is not just a service, it's recreating yourself into the person you are truly meant to be and the life you're meant to live." ~ Meagan M