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When will I receive my order? 

Many of my items are 'made-to-order', to get you the size of your choice. My current creation time is approximately 1-2 weeks prior to shipping. For custom orders, the lead time varies depending on your piece!  

Do you do custom orders? 

Custom orders are my absolute fav thing to work on. PLEASE send me a message using the Custom Order button or Contact Us button! Provide your email, name, and I will be in contact via email to discuss your custom! 

How does the custom order process work?

First I would get clear on the intentions you want infused in your piece. This can be done via phone through a crystal reading or I can email you the questions. If we talk via phone I would allot at least 60mins. 

Then I take that information and meditate on it. Once I have the list of the crystals compiled that I think would serve you best, I contact you to go over them! 

Once approved we move to the next step, I lay out a design and then I send you a picture to see if you want changes; i.e more gems, wood, less of a colour, more of, etc...

Then once that is all approved we talk tassel (if mala), and the I string it, cleanse it and ship it off to you!

This process time depends on approvals and changes! I make sure you LOVE it!

How does payments work? 

Full payment is required prior to starting work - whether for a made-to-order piece, or a custom piece. 

Do you have a mailing list? 

Of course! Scroll down to the bottom of the Home page and sign up! 

Do you ship outside of Canada and the US? 

Yes I do!!