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Blue Sodalite Necklace

Laura Lotus Love

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In all it's beautiful BLUE glory!! The eyes and ears of the soul! ⁣

A huge crystal for the throat chakra & communication -- Not only does it aid in ⁣intuition, but is also the voice of reason and encourages rational thoughts and objectivity (aka talking you down from those cringe worthy moments) ⁣

The true magic of Sodalite is it keeps you shielded from negative forces --- Just like a super hero! Giving a sense of calm to weather the storms of life and help one gain a sense of confidence and self-esteem! ⁣

Know yourself & be empowered. ⁣


Pendants range in size. I will reach out to have you choose!

Stainless Steel chain. 32”

**Precious gemstones and crystals are all unique, each will vary slightly in size, shape and colour.