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Laura Lotus Love

Blue Kyanite Threaders and Archs

Blue Kyanite Threaders and Archs

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I totally get lost in the soft blue colour of these Kyanite, it's dreamy!! 💕

Not only does Kyanite align & balance all of your chakras all at once, but blue kyanite also;

*Bridges gaps in communication

*Brings tranquility & calmness

*Support through disagreements & disputes (finding a common frequency)

*Dispels anger, illusion, frustration and increases logic, linear thought

*Encourages self expression & speaking ones truth

*Empowers one to break a cycle of self destructive behaviour and/or emotional patterns & blockages to get back on track

*Supports accessing forgotten memories

Only to name a few!

Available in stainless steel (no nickel or cadmium), rose gold or gold! 

**precious gemstones and crystals are all unique, each will vary slightly in size, shape and colour.

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