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Heart Chakra Bracelet



4th Chakra

Sanskrit: Anahata (अनाहत)

💚Colour: Green

🌬Element: Air

🌀Located: At the center of the spine at heart level

Functions: Anahata roughly translates to, “unhurt.” It acts as the individual’s center of compassion, empathy, love, and forgiveness.

🧘🏻Yoga Balancing: Heart opening postures such as backbends!

Camel, Cobra, Wild thing, Bridge:Wheel, Dancer, Reclined Yin Heart Opener

😌Chant: YAM


〰️I am fully open to giving & receiving love

〰️I am fulfilling my heart’s desires

〰️I am able to let go of the past and let love guide me

〰️I forgive myself instantly, completely and unconditionally

6mm Gems: Rose Quartz, Prehnite, Green Moss Agate, Flower Jade, Green Aventurine