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Sculpt & Flow: Yoga with Weights

Laura Lotus Love

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Strength-training + yoga.
For a holistically healthy body and practice, it is essential that we balance stretching and strengthening. If we don’t, repetitive movements combined with a lack of strength can result in overloading the joints.
Incorporating free weights into your yoga practice can help build strength in certain stabilizing muscles, which are difficult to target with yoga poses alone.
Grab a pair of 1-5 pound weights (or use resistance weights for the ankles and wrists) for a fun class with strength-training woven in throughout. We'll warm up, do a combination of sculpting using weights in yoga postures, and flow through yoga postures!

Space to challenge yourself but move with mindfulness.
4 weeks/ Starts Thurs. July 7th/  5:30-6pm
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