Real Fern Earrings

Laura Lotus Love

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These real fern earrings are the perfect gift for that nature lover in your life!

A little piece of botanical joy that you can keep with you always!

They come in 4 different triangle shapes! Ferns are press dried and sealed in resin!

Ferns represent; Growth.Creation.Confidence.Resilience.Change.Healing.Contemplation.Hope


Sizes & shapes of the earrings come in 4 different styles.
1. Small Equilateral Triangle - all sides 1.6cm in length.
2. Upright Isosceles Triangle - Longer sides  2.2 cm in length, Shorter side 1.2cm
3. Upside down Isosceles Triangle - Longer sides  2.4 cm in length, Shorter side 1cm
4. Scalene Triangle - One side 2.7 cm in length, second side 2.1 cm and last side 1.5cm

Stainless steel. Good for those sensitive lobes.

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