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Embrace Necklace

Laura Lotus Love

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Ever questioned your purpose or wondered if you were living the way you were meant to live? Wonder what’s next, need connection? When you are feeling lost or unsure let the Moonstone crystal uncover it,  shine a light on your path and guide you on your journey as you embrace all you are!

Vibes: Goddess, Tenderness, Manifestation, Purpose, Empowerment, Transition, Nourishment, Sustenance. Inspiration, Self Love, Serendipity, Synchronicity, Compassion, Self acceptance, Support, Passion. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

This necklace is super special because it is double the love (connected as one piece) but has a really cool option of getting them separate!

Stainless steel oval 1.2mm chain.

Stainless steel curved bar. 
Moonstone Pendant. 

Pendant sizes vary. Please specify in notes:

small: 1” approx

med: 1.25” approx

large: 1.5” approx

(med shown in picture) 

Chain length of top:16”

Chain length of bottom: 22”

(Please contact if you want different lengths) 


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