Elemental Yoga: The 5 Elements

Laura Lotus Love

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Online Live

Starts Thurs Jun 2-Jun 30
6:15-6:45pm (30mins)

The five great elements, are thought to have originated as the universe did, so they are as old as can be. They are the building blocks of the universe, as well as our bodies...everything is created with different combinations of these five elements.

Through asana (Yoga poses), pranayama, mantra, meditation, and our connection to the land and sea, we will bring ourselves back into balance with a profound inner harmony.

*Earth | Prithvi: Solid state of matter providing strength and stability.
*Water | Jala: Cohesive, connected, expressing dynamic flow.
*Fire | Agni: Hot, bright giving discernment and the power of transformation.
*Air | Vayu: Breath, mobility, life, fluidity, movement allowing for life.
*Ether | Akasha: Context, space, All elements come from ether, unending and boundless space.