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Amethyst Arch Threaders

Laura Lotus Love

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Amethyst helps our mind to rest and bring emotional support. It has an energy that makes you comprehend that being hard on yourself isn’t always the best way to show love to yourself.

How are you showing up for yourself right now? ❤️

 When a lot is going on in the world, or in your head, slowing down and listening to your inner self is important and we shouldn’t forget that. Reducing stress, finding compassion and being in love and kindness with ourselves is key!

*Also great crystal for grieving support, circulatory system, and anyone dealing with others energies( I.e. teacher) 

* can be with or without silver Hematite ball
(shown here without) Please specify in notes if you want with. 
Stainless steel -- no nickel or cadmium! Great for the sensitive lobes!

**Precious gemstones and crystals are all unique, each will vary slightly in size, shape and colour.