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Amazonite Necklace

Laura Lotus Love

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The Stone of Hope!

Hope isn’t an external, unattainable force, it lies within, ready for you to embrace it! ⁣

Amazonite represents sincerity, honour, self love, harmony, loving communication, integrity and truth -- some of the values that I deeply resonate with. ⁣

Amazonite is beneficial for musicians, writers, artists and creatives — it allows you to feel uninhibited in what you speak, feel and create allowing self doubt and uncertainly melt away! ⁣

It creates emotional harmony, calming the brain and nervous system & balancing the feminine and masculine energies! ⁣

Comes with stainless Steel 1.2mm oval chain.

Specify length of chain you want in notes. 

If you just want the pendant that is also an option!