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Oceanside Yoga

Laura Lotus Love

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Join me for a 60min yoga class Oceanside, as the sun sets, on the beautiful wharf of East Coast Outfitters! 

A class can go from good to OUT OF THIS WORLD, by the simple addition of fresh ocean air & a breathtaking sunset.

When the sun is setting, not only is the change in colours something spectacular but there is also a magical feeling in the air! With the closing of another day cycle it’s the perfect time to remind yourself of the journey of letting go and starting a new!

Register for 1 class or sign up for 2 at a discount!

(or etransfer at a discount - $22 each or 2 for $40, lauralotuslove@gmail.com)

Pre-registration required! 

*Weather: I will always contact you directly an hour before to postpone if the weather isn't in favour (if you don't hear from me it means we are a go!) If we postpone and for some reason you cannot make the new date, I will let you use it towards another class date.

*Recommended to bring; Layer of clothing, Sunglasses, Bug spray (if they pester you), water, Yoga mat and any props you need (blocks are amazing and you can get them at the dollar store). I would even recommend wearing sunblock!