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"The Wild" Fox, Bear & Moon Earrings

Laura Lotus Love

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A pair of 3D Layered sterling silver earrings featuring a bear and fox combo with hand cut moons and a leather circle backing!! 

Earrings can be worn with or without the leather :)

Metal: Sterling Silver and soft leather

Earring Measurements: approx 2.5cm x 3 sides (25mm)

Bear1.5 cm (15mm) L,  1cm (10mm) H

Fox: 1.5 cm (15mm) L,  1cm (10mm) H

Moon: .5cm (5mm)

Leather Circle: Just under 2cm (19mm)

Ear Wires: Sterling Silver 2cm

Patina for that pop affect!

They come with a polishing cloth and are gently waxed for protection and longevity.